Orbiterballoon.com is my personal web site.   Thank you for visiting and I hope that you will find your time here informative and enjoyable.

When the Breitling Orbiter 3 touched down in Egypt on 21st March 1999, after the first successful circumnavigation of the world, my life changed dramatically.  I have been called a variety of names in the past, but it came as quite a shock to be referred to as one of history's 'aviation pioneers'.

On this site I will try to keep you up to date with what I am doing in my professional life and give news of current projects and interesting tit-bits. One of the most important of these, for me, is our Winds of Hope foundation.  While Bertrand Piccard and I were drifting high above the earth in our small capsule, we became very aware of the fragility of our planet and of the people who inhabit it.  Winds of Hope aims to promote a more sensitive approach to our environment and to the future of mankind. In particular we seek to help children who are suffering in forgotten or unreported circumstances.

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Recent Project

I have a fresh challenge - to enable disabled folk to become licenced balloon pilots .....
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Jetman loops around the Breitling Orbiter

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Breitling & Breitling - a heart-warming tale.

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Geraldine Fasnacht - wing suit flyer.

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Now I've done some pretty silly things in my life.........           &nb...Read more

A Tribute to Neil Armstrong

The passing of a fine man............. 

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Legends of Aviation

What a privilege to meet some of the legends of aviation - not just the people but the aeroplanes...Read more

10th Anniversary World Tour

 Breitling sponsors a World Humanitarian Tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary ....
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