See inside the CD-ROM

What can you see on the CD-ROM?

The CD-ROM is absolutely packed with information and insights into the planning and execution of our flight. Here are a few screens from the CD-ROM to give you a flavour of what's on the disk.

This is the opening menu. You can view a short video about the flight or pick one of the options to explore an aspect of the project and the flight itself.

The 3D model is a fascinating part of the CD-ROM. Without actually going to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington USA to see it, it's the best way to find out what the capsule and balloon were really like.

The meteorology section of the CD-ROM tells you all about the fast jet-streams which helped us around the world. You'll also learn how our weather team tracked their progress and guided us towards them - and you thought that balloons were impossible to steer!

You can follow the route we took around the world in detail and click to see our diary, photographs, video clips, log book and fax communications for each day.

You can see how we ate, slept, cooked and kept the capsule habitable during our three weeks in the air.

There's an extensive glossary to explain unusual words and links to some useful web sites.