Book & Interactive CD

The book

Bertrand and I have written The Greatest Adventure about our exciting and perilous journey aboard the Breitling Orbiter 3.  In a series of narratives, we each present our sides of the story - outlining the project from earliest days through to the moment we landed and beyond.  Our adventure is a true-life story of triumph over the odds as well as an account of what teamwork and friendship can accomplish.  If you would like a signed copy of The Greatest Adventure, please read on.  For orders outside the UK the postage price will obviously vary.

314 Pages - Hardback
£15.00 +£3.00 UK Delivery
(RRP £18.99)

Payment may be made via PayPal or bank transfer.   Simply contact me and tell me the address to which the book should be sent and details of any dedication you would like me to write.  I will then reply confirming your order and give details of how your choice of payment can be made.  Thank you.

The Greatest Adventure
International best seller 2000/2001
Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones


A fascinating interactive CD of our journey has been produced containing many things that you simply won't see elsewhere.   For example, there is footage taken during the flight which has never been shown before, the entire log book with all the entries Bertand and I made, and many of the fax communications between us and the ground team. 

We have also built a detailed virtual 3D model of the gondola in which we spent three weeks as we travelled around the globe.   You can explore the balloon and gondola to find out about the construction and all the equipment.   You can see how we survived in flight for three weeks, whilst controlling the massive balloon.

Other sections cover the work done by our metereologists and air traffic controllers as they directed us into the fast jet streams which carried us along.  And you can learn how the balloon and gondola were built in Bristol and then finally prepared for flight near the launch site in the Swiss Alps.

You can buy this CD-ROM for £12 + £2 UK delivery, the methods of payment detailed above for the book also apply to the CD, and I will be happy to autograph the booklet which is included with the CD if required.

Please note that the CD-ROM is so full of information we could only create it for use on PC (running Windows 95 or later).   Apologies to Mac users.